Renewable energy sources (RES)

Renewables form a non-negligible part of the energy mix with a high potential for future development, despite the certain reduction in political support that we are experiencing today.

imgWe offer a wide portfolio of services related to the design, implementation, operation and financing of projects involving all types of renewables. The scope and quality of our services is based on our extensive expertise in the area of technology and technical solutions of renewable energy projects, and also on our experience with administrative and technical preparation, management and technical supervision of projects throughout the construction phase, certification of completed projects, resolution of operating issues and evaluation of the operation of projects utilizing renewable energy sources. These are the services we offer to investors, developers and operators of renewable energy projects as well as to banks and other financing institutions.

Our portfolio of renewables includes a comprehensive range of individual types of renewable energy sources – solar photovoltaics and photothermics, wind energy, hydropower, the use of biogas and biomass and fuel production from biomass, as well as the use of geothermal energy and energy from the environment.

Our services in the area of renewables include, among others:

  • Strategic consulting, concept studies and initial pre-design stage assessments.
  • Preliminary feasibility studies, technical-economic optimizations and consulting with an aim to selecting an optimum location, technical solution, technology supplier and type of financing.
  • Technical due-diligence (TDD) of renewable energy projects in all stages of preparation and operation.
  • Technical supervision during implementation of renewable energy projects, certification drawdowns for financial institutions and certification of completion and commissioning of projects.
  • Energy audits / energy performance assessments of renewable energy projects, in line with legal requirements confirmed by an authorized person.
  • Benchmarking and evaluation of the operation of photovoltaic plants and other renewable energy sources.
  • Financial analyses and business plans for renewable energy projects.
  • Applications for the support of renewable energy projects as part of the corresponding grant programs.
  • Publishing and training in the area of renewable energy sources.
  • Energy policy and legislation in the area of renewables.
  • Resolution of issues related to renewable energy sources as part of regional energy planning.
  • Market value assessment of renewable energy projects.
  • Combination of renewables with innovative technologies such as power accumulation, fuel cells and hydrogen economy.

Our references in the area of renewable energy sources

Photovoltaics TDD and technical consulting for projects amounting to more than 800 MWp – CZ, SK, RO, BG, UA, IT, USA, JP and CL.
Wind TDD for projects in CZ with output amounting to more than 130 MW; evaluation of projects in PL and SRB.

Biomass / biogas

TDD, technical and grant consulting for projects with output amounting to more than 10 MW, including biogas projects, industrial-scale biomass projects and projects for the production of pellets from biomass in CZ, SK and BiH.
Small hydro TDD and technical consulting for >10 projects of small hydroelectric plants in CZ.

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