Industrial power engineering, heat and electricity production

The classical energy industry is characterized by the generation of heat and power from fossil fuels, along with the distribution and final consumption of individual forms of energy. In Central Europe, the energy sources include mainly units burning coal and gas, and partially biomass as well.

img_prumyslova_energetikaThe company ENACO provides a wide range of consulting services in this sector of the energy industry, from expert consulting for investors, persons interested in joining the energy business and existing operators of power generating and industrial plants, to technical due diligence for the purposes of financing institutions.

Individual areas of our consulting activities include the following projects, activities and services:

  • Strategic and concept studies in the replacement of power sources, especially with respect to the downturn of coal-burning sources and their replacement with sources utilizing alternative fuels.
  • Consulting in the pre-investment stage (market analyses, scouting, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies).
  • Regional and strategic energy concepts for municipalities and regions.
  • Assessments of the efficiency of operated systems and evaluations of alternative variants of energy generation and use.
  • Assessment of the possibilities for the technical and economically sustainable deployment of combined heat and power production.
  • Technical-economic models of the financing of retrofitting in the energy industry.
  • Assessments of the technical-legislative context of energy industry projects in the preparation stage.
  • Evaluation of investment efficiency, financial analyses and business plans of projects.
  • Energy-saving projects and optimization of heat-generation systems and central heat distribution systems.
  • Energy audits and energy assessments of projects according to the related legislation.
  • Assessment of the market value of projects.
  • Technical assistance in the case of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Technical due diligence of projects for the purposes of project financing and refinancing by financial institutions.
  • Technical supervision of projects during the construction stage, assessment of completed projects for investors and certification of projects for the purposes of financing institutions.

The target group of our consulting services includes investors and investment groups in the energy industry, existing and new operators of heat-generation sources (heating plants, block boiler plants, local heat distribution networks), industrial producers and consumers of individual energies, heat-producing companies, developer companies, municipalities, regions and state-run organizations, as well as banks and financing institutions.
Our professional and expert background is based on practical experience and expertise in the areas of the energy industry of the ENACO company team and our external collaborators.

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