Combined heat and power production (CHP)

Combined heat and power production, also known as “cogeneration”, is an energy and economy efficient means of power and heat production, distinguished by the highly efficient use of energy from fuel, which can reach up to 95 %.

img_kvetDue to the fact that the heat generated during electric power production is used purposefully, it does not need to be generated in another source. This saves fuel and finances necessary to purchase fuel. Cogeneration units generate several times lower emissions, and for this reason they represent a very suitable solution for the reconstruction of obsolete heat sources or the replacement of coal-burning sources, which are being put out of operation as a result of strict limits on the emissions of air-polluting substances.

Our consulting services in the area of combined heat and power production (CHP) include, among others:

  • Strategic consulting, concept studies and initial pre-design assessment.
  • Preliminary feasibility studies, technical-economic optimizations and consulting, with the goal of achieving the optimum setting of projects and selecting the optimum technical solution, technology supplier and type of financing.
  • Technical due-diligence (TDD) for CHPprojects in all stages of preparation and operation.
  • Technical supervision during implementation of CHP projects, certification of funds withdrawal for financial institutions, certification of completion and commissioning of projects.
  • Energy audits / energy performance assessments of CHP projects in line with legal requirements confirmed by an authorized person.
  • Financial analyses and business plans for CHPprojects.
  • Applications for the support of CHPprojects as part of the corresponding grant programs.
  • Publishing and training in the area of CHP.
  • Energy policy and legislation in the area of CHP.
  • Pricing of the market value of CHPprojects.

Our references in the area of combined heat and power production

  • Assessment of existing sources and the potential for deployment of cogeneration (CZT Přeštice, CZT Kdyně, CZT Žacléř, Rehamedica Žacléř, CZT Brno, KGJ Sklady Hodonín, KGJ Nobility Clean Services, buildings managed by municipal agencies of the capital city of Prague, and others).
  • Transformation of biogas to biomethane and its use in small-scale cogeneration.
  • Analysis of the potential for combined heat and power production.
  • Concepts for development of the energy sector.
  • Potential for the industrial deployment of combined heat and power production.
  • Pricing of the market value of cogeneration unit projects.

Our clients

Operators of building and block boiler plants, heating plants and company power plants as well as energy sector businesses. Our main clients include: Unipetrol Litvínov, První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, KKCG, ČEZ Kogenerace, RWE, Glanzstoff Bohemia Lovosice, Spolana Neratovice, Globus kwi Česká Republika, Bioetanol Skalice, Sklady Hodonín and others.

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